Quilt Show (ISQSC)

Indian Summer Quilt Show & Conference is BACK!

The show is on for 2016, in a new location with new hours.   

September 22-24, 2016

Veteran’s Memorial Arena, 1201 7th Ave E, West Fargo
                                  Thursday, September 22,  5:00 to 9:00 pm                                                  Friday, September 23, 8:00 am to 5:00   pm                              Saturday, September 24, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


1201 7th Ave E, West Fargo, ND 58078-2193


Now is the time to propose any classes you want to teach at this year’s conference. Use the form found here.

2015 ISQSC Cancelled

Due to construction to the Fargo Civic Center with the demolition of Centennial Hall and rebuilding of City Hall affecting accommodations and parking, the Indian Summer Quilt Show was cancelled for 2015.

Direct questions or suggestions to Muriel Richardson, QGND Long Range Planning Chair, 701-388 3267 murielrichardson@telus.net





2104 best show sm

Best of Show Small            Mariner’s Compass   Marilyn Lidstrom Larson


2014 best show large

Best of Show Large          Blooms of Baltimore Friendship          Jacqueline Willms

award                   donor                     title          maker

Hand Workmanship     Millie P’s Quilt Shop             Muriel’s Quilt       Laurie Rott

Off the Wall           Red Pine Quilt Shop  The One That Got Away, Candy Brunelle

Home Machine Quilting      Blow’s Sew-n-Vac          Petals          Peggy Spitzer

Scrappy Quilt          Comforts of Home            Flower Box          Phyllis Allen

Modern Quilt            Modern Textiles          Barn Dance              Charlotte Peterson

Longarm Quilting    Country Loft     Merry Little Christmas       Barb Simons

Specialty Techniques       Designer Fabrics       Breaking Wind    Peggy Kragnes

Landscape/Pictorial        Faye’s Henhouse      Calendar Quilt  Lorraine Saramaga

Excellence in Applique       Prairie Rose Quilt Shop  Two of Us   Karen Boe

Original Design        Quilt Essential   NDSU Bison T Shirt quilt    Barb Nicholson

Best of Batik               Sew Batik             Taos Quilt             Lynne Penney

Machine Embroidery            Rae-Bon          Stars All Around         Linda Fenelon

2014 ISQSC Color Red       Sue Sews         Carolina Lily    Connie Bruse

Rising Star Youth         QGND           Jacob’s Ladder            Tyler Barnhardt

Art Quilt            Quilting For You       Where Music Dwells II           Dawn Hebert

Exquisite Embellishment  Quilters Cottage   Abundant Peacocks, Kim Stenehjem

Chair’s Choice    Muriel Richardson    Hawaiian Memories Surprise    Roxane Crawford

Judge’s Choice           The Lads from Liverpool          Clem Buzick

2014 rott winner

NQA Award of Merit *        Jaleen’s Garden          Laurie Rott

*With prior approval of the show coordinator or sponsor, NQA certified judges have the option of awarding this special ribbon to a deserving quilt in any show he/she might judge. At the judge’s discretion, it will be awarded to one quilt achieving recognized standards of quiltmaking excellence. This ribbon is not meant to conflict with any other show awards, but will be an encouraging addition to them, at no cost or obligation to the show sponsors.

2014 choice

Viewers Choice and Guild Choice, Breaking Wind by Peggy Kragnes

Instructor’s Choice Awards

Kimmy Brunner: Dawn Santangelo – Circle of Color, Circle of Life

Susan Cleveland: Connie Rodman – Dresden Flower Patch

Katie Pasquini Masopust: Kim Baird – Fracture

Kim Baird: Sherri Moening – Aggie’s Farm Memories

Roxanne Beauvais: Avery St. Louis – Sherbet Sunrise

Vicky Jo Bogart: Sophia Long – Hope, Peace, Love

Kim Brosdahl: Megan Larson – A Sunrise of Opportunity

Clem Buzick: Cassandra Billingsley – Trip Around the World

Virginia Dambach:  Laurie Rott – Silken Squares

Kim Stenehjem:  Dawn Hebert – Moonlit Reflections

Faye Grandalen:  Hazel Ashworth – Simple Elegance

Elaine Keller:  Helen Burt – Mushroom Forest

Stephanie Lacher:  Colleen Carlson – Linoleum Floor

Lori Olek:  Chelce Detert – Iris & Hibiscus

Martha Oliver:  Abby Fuglseth – Zebra Crossing

Laura Penner:  Carla Bowlin – My Little Wool Garden

Melissa Sather:  Annika Pratt – Love Birds