Special Exhibits


Three special exhibits are included in the 2017 Metro Quilt Expo:

The Quilts of Beth Nufer

Big, Bold, Beautiful, and One of a Kind are only a few words to describe the quilts of Beth Nufer. This amazing and humble lady creates her quilts on graph paper then pieces them into the finished quilt. Quilting since 2005, Beth was encouraged to enter national competition in 2009. Since then her quilts have received many awards and have appeared in numerous magazines. Her style is very recognizable and her quilts memorable. She will also have her new show quilt debuting in our exhibit! Beth resides in Oregon with her husband. She says quilting is a lot easier on her body than the movie and television stunt work she did in the 80’s!

Astral Burst by Beth Nufer
Postcards to Friends by Designing Quilters

Choose a theme, any theme, and receive 6 original fabric postcards from your friends! Of course, you have to make 6 postcards on various themes as well. That was the recent project of the Designing Quilters of the FM area. The display will feature these 5″x7″ fabric cards, grouped according to their themes, such as National Parks, or Circus, or Under the Sea. You will enjoy this amazing creativity.

Pamela Davis assembled her circus-themed cards under the big top.
Sandra Gordon’s contribution to the circus theme

Barb Bunnell left an enduring imprint on the world of quilting. An accomplished quilter whose work earned many ribbons including Best of Show, she was a pivotal influence on the mission of the Quilters’ Guild of North Dakota. She served as president from 1993-1994. Under Barb’s leadership, the first Indian Summer Quilt Show and Conference was launched in 1991, an event that has consistently drawn quilters from the upper Midwestern US and Canada for nearly 25 years. Many will remember Barb’s popular Quilter’s Quarters store on Main Avenue in Fargo during the 1990s.

Barb’s untimely death on January 31, 2016, at the age of 62, left a great void in this universe. An exhibit of her work is included in the 2017 Metro Quilt Expo. Please stop by to view a sample of Barb’s quilts, videos of her well-lived life, an opportunity to share your memories with her family and some unfinished projects that have been lovingly completed by her friends.