Quilters' Guild of North Dakota

Small Quilt Silent Auction

Metro Quilt Expo will be held April 29 & 30, 2022

Small Quilt Silent Auction

It is time to plan for the Small Quilt Silent Auction for the Metro Quilt show.  We hope the following information will help you with your planning.  It has worked well the past few years to have half of the items auctioned on Friday and the other half on Saturday.  Click here to find the donationform for the silent auction.

What to donate:

This auction is primarily for small quilts. Other quilted items may be included, or other hand-made items such as pincushions, needle cases, or fiber art.  If you are uncertain if an item is appropriate, please check with the committee chair/s.  Items should be made by you and should be new and unused.

When to donate:

Bring your donations to the Quilt Expo intake day on Tuesday, same as the show entries. If that is not possible, deliver your items to the committee ahead of time. Please do not bring your contribution the day of the auction.

Where to donate:

At the Metro Quilt Expo location, or in person to the committee chair.


The committee will establish an amount for the initial bid. We like to start at lower amounts, because once bidding has started, competition will drive the price up. A high beginning price may result in no bids. 


Donated items that are not suitable for silent auction will be returned to you. In the unlikely event that no one bids on your item, it will be returned to you.  If there is an excess of auction items donated, the committee may allow only 2 donations per person.


Contact co-chairs- Bonnie L Anderson, bonlanderson@gmail.com, 701-388-7147.

OR- Roz Buck, buxtruck54@hotmail.com, 701-866-2297.