Members who get involved in leadership positions really learn about an organization, its purpose, activities, and members. In exchange for your commitment of time and ideas, you get a new sense of satisfaction in your group, a deeper understanding, and a wider enjoyment. If this appeals to you, read on with an open mind. And if a little voice in your head says, “But I’m not good enough!” don’t listen to it. Listen to the voice that says “But I want to help!”

QGND has a board of directors consisting of 7 people. You will not be alone, but part of a leadership team. Here is a brief job description of each office. Each Board sets their own meeting time, and adjusts the work load as they choose.

President: A President Presides. That is, she runs the meetings, sets the agenda, keeps thing moving along.

Vice President: Serves as the “understudy” in that she takes over those presiding activities if the President is not available.

Secretary: Her most important function is taking minutes of the meetings and preserving them in the records.

Treasurer: This is the only position that absolutely requires arithmetic skills. You must know how to keep records, pay bills and make bank deposits, work with PayPal, etc. and read and prepare spreadsheets.

Member at Large: We have 3 of these to complete our management team. Typically, each has a portfolio of areas she takes charge of.

All Board members must keep our mission firmly in their minds: Spread the Joy of Quilting. And spread the work load, too, by finding committee members to assist.

A group with varying backgrounds, expertise and interests is ideal. They can work together to cover all the bases, strengthen the organization, and make the meetings enjoyable.

Please contact the Nomination Committee about running for office, or about nominating someone you think would be good to have on Board. fmquilters@gmail.com or call Kim 701-306-1691

Future of the Guild

This article was emailed with the January newsletter. In case you missed it, it’s repeated here.

Look at this graph of our membership numbers from “normal” times in 2017 to the latest figures. From 258 down to 126 we experienced a decline of 52%. Over half our members fell by the wayside! Board members divided up the list of those lapsed members and contacted them by phone.

It’s difficult to maintain our activities with 126 members, especially since many of us are at that age when we start slowing down and stop climbing ladders.

Very important was to gather information from quilters who do not belong to QGND. The number of quilters is not declining, so why are they not signing up?

Two “chat with us” events were held at local quilt shops. Mary’s Quilt Market and Rae-Bon Sew and Quilt Shop generously provided space for us to interview their customers.

Muriel Richardson, Kim Baird, Kim Stenehjem and Janet VanAmberg asked quilters if they knew about QGND, would they join, or why they had decided not to. We also discussed the Metro Quilt Expo, and why some quilters enter every year, and some never do.

It turned out to be a fun way to spend the afternoon. Quilters love to talk about quilts, and we did!

It was also informative.

We discovered that quilters are intimidated by the word “Guild.” It gives them the impression that this is a group for experts only, and they don’t feel they are good enough to join. We heard this many times.

Some of the quilters had not heard of the group. Some who had heard of us, assumed it was a state-wide organization not a local quilting group. This was even true of some of our members before they joined.

We concluded that one very important way to attract new members is simply to change our name. We should have a name that uses “Quilters,” since that’s who we are. And one that reflects our locality, which is Fargo and its neighboring communities in Cass County, plus Moorhead and other towns in Clay County.

We don’t want a name that suggests to some quilters that they aren’t good enough, so “Guild” and other exclusive terms should be avoided.

The Board had already decided we should develop a new logo, one that reflects our mission statement. These two items go together—a new name, and a new logo. It seems that they will go a long way toward attracting new members to our group.

The committee has developed a short list of possible new names. You have an opportunity to make suggestions, too. You will receive instructions for submitting suggestions via Survey Planet. Since our By-Laws specify our name, we’ll have to modify those to make the change. That means a vote of all the members, with notification 30 days ahead.

One idea to increase membership is already taking place. Why not create our own new members? So, for the next 3 months, our education time will be devoted to teaching the basics of making quilts. Both members and non-members can take advantage of this opportunity. Register on the web page so we know how many to expect.

Task force members:

Kim Baird

Kim Stenehjem

Muriel Richardson

Janet VanAmberg, Board representative

With assistance from Kay Braun and Char Grant

If you wish to contribute your expertise to the group, contact Kim Baird.


MORNING EDUCATION for the next three months will concentrate on Back to the Basics. For those who want to get started making quilts, it’s a great opportunity. We have experienced teachers at a low cost of only $5 per session.

For those who are already quilters, it’s a good way to sharpen your basic skills. The class project is a table runner (or baby quilt, if you want to make more blocks). You can help mentor some newbies while sewing your own runner. Spread the Joy of Quilting!

Tell your family and friends about this great opportunity beginning January 15, 2022.

Don’t wait, register now. Just click here.

sample made of solid colors
sample made of wool tweed

Pandemic quilt top is ready!

It looks great and the blocks are so interesting! (From the photo the sashing and borders look like flowers but it is a print of the covid virus.) It is fun to read the descriptions that go along with each block. The quilt really tells a story of how guild members were feeling and coping the past 2 years during the Pandemic. It will be exciting to see the finished quilt displayed at The Metro Quilt Show April 29 & 30, 2022. It is a great chance for the community to see the Pandemic from the point of view of quilters. It is also a time for our quilting community to thank all the health care workers for all they have been doing to help during the Pandemic.

The finished top is 62 x 76 inches.  Barb Zeleznik will quilt it.

Bonnie Anderson, Pandemic Project Coordinator, 701-388-7147,


World AIDS Day

The guild is invited to the World AIDS Day Quilt Showcase and Film Screening at MSUM, Wednesday December 1 at 7:00pm, Langseth Hall room 104.

What’s happening: Quilts created as a collaboration among MSUM students and the Quilters’ Guild of North Dakota will be displayed in the atrium. We will screen the approximately 1-hour film Nothing Without Us that focuses on the vital role women have played in the fight against AIDS. Following the film, MSUM Chaplain Dominique will lead a moment of remembrance for those who have lost their lives to AIDS. This event is open to all.

Note that MSUM requires attendees to wear masks during indoor events.  Additional information about the film can be found at https://mnstate.campuslabs.com/engage/event/7530217

Shelley Folkedahl, President

Quilters’ Guild of North Dakota click here for a map of MSUM campus

Special thanks to the Quilters’ Guild of North Dakota for their help in creating the quilts. Members: Shelley Folkedahl, Bonnie Anderson, Amanda Abelmann, Mary Belcourt, and Virginia Dambach.

Annual Quilt Retreat

It is that time of the year again when we are gearing up for the annual winter guild retreat. The 2022 Quilt Retreat will be held March 4-6 at the DoubleTree by Hilton. Doors will open at 8:00am on Friday and you can sew until 4:00 pm on Sunday. This is a new location for us with more updated facilities and space. The cost of the retreat is $70 for guild members and $80 for non-guild members. All meals will be on your own, but water and a light snack will be provided by the hotel. No outside food will be allowed to be brought into the conference room due to hotel policy. Hotel rooms are available at a negotiated price if you mention the Quilters’ Guild of North Dakota when you call for reservations 701-551-0120.

Click here for a printable registration form.

If you have any questions regarding the retreat, please contact Amanda Abelmann at the 701-541-0678 or abelmann0105@hotmail.com.

825 West Beaton St, West Fargo


Wow, it’s been a hard year of not getting together! Some of our members certainly do not even know each other. This new feature aims to fix that.

Our MEMBER SPOTLIGHT will feature a short introduction and a few photos. Each article will remain on the page, so you can always go back and look someone up.

If YOU want to be featured, or wish to nominate someone, send NAME, EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER to krlbaird@gmail.com