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Quilters Guild of North Dakota 2019 Guild Challenge



  1. This challenge is for members of QGND only.
  2. Your quilt must be three layers, quilted by hand or machine but not tied.
  3. The quilt you create can not be a square or a rectangle.
  4. It can be any other shape you desire, i.e. rhombus, parallelogram, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, octagon, circle, ellipse or anything else you design.
  1. Your creation must have a perimeter of at least 50” but no more than 145”.
  2. Use your stash, have fun, but one more little required element.  Use at least one square inch of both a black solid and a white solid fabric.
  1. Embellish or not, your choice.  Your quilt will tell you if it needs it.


The cost of participation is $ 5.00 and part of this challenge is having your quilt ready for the Metro Quilt Expo and delivered to the Ramada Hotel on April 30 between noon and 6pm. For those signing up details will be sent to you about entering the MQE at no additional cost.


Cheryl Christlieb

2019 Challenge Quilt Chair







Phone number:


Return form and fee to:

Cheryl Christlieb  1365 Towering Pines Ct SW, Bemidji, MN 56601



Here is the list of donors and buyers from the 2018 Metro Quilt Expo silent auction.

Over $1300 was raised, thanks to everyone who participated!


 Small Quilt Silent Auction 2018
Donor Name of Quilt/item Purchaser
1 Anderson, Bonnie L Spring Postcard/stand Belcourt, Mary
2 Anderson, Bonnie L Patchwork Posey quilt Bjelde, Kris
3 Baird, Kim Jenga quilt Richardson, Muriel
4 Baird, Kim Spring chicks quilt Buzick, Clem
5 Belcourt, Mary Pink Infinity Scarf Restemans, Kathy
6 Belcourt, Mary 2 Money Bunnies Bonnie Anderson
7 Belcourt, Mary Grey and flower wristlet bag Dambach, Virginia
8 Belcourt, Mary Grey and flower small zip bag Hermann, Colette
9 Belcourt, Mary Microwave bowl holder, towel/cloth Hage, Lisa Jo
10 Brattland, Shirley Urban Rooster quilt Buzick, Clem
11 Brattland, Shirley Urban Chicken quilt Waxler, Mary Ann
12 Bruce, Connie Framed Abstract Art Zeleznik, Barb
13 Buck, Roz Ribbon embellished floral garden Dambach, Virginia
14 Daley Getz, Lona “Found Art” Treasure Box Abelman, Amanda
15 Dambach, Virginia Hearts and Flowers Quilt Griggs, Melissa
16 Dambach, Virginia Peach rose broach & pin cushion Christlieb, Cheryl
17 Degerness, Clare Mini log cabin pin cushion Dambach, Virginia
18 Degerness, Clare Floral bowl & table runner Restemans, Kathy
19 Degerness, Clare Pots of Posies quilt Waxler, Mary Ann
20 Fiddler, Nadine 6 fabric gift boxes, # 1 Dambach, Virginia
21 Fiddler, Nadine 6 fabric gift boxes, # 2 Gion, Dandria
22 Folkedahl, Shelley Harvest Gold quilt Gill, Iris
23 Folkedahl, Shelley The Blues quilt Gill, Iris
24 Folkedahl, Shelley Confetti Heart Quilt Gill, Iris
25 Holm, Nancy Tree Trivet Gill, Iris
26 Holm, Nancy Snowman Candle Mat Ressler, Wanda
27 Holm, Nancy Grey Knit Pillow Buzick, Clem
28 Holm, Nancy Primitive Flag quilt Waxler, Mary Ann
29 Holm, Nancy Valentine candle mat Gion, Dandria
30 Holm, Nancy Green Table Runner Fitzgerald, Mary
31 Keller, Elaine Winter Fantasy Beaded Quilt Spitzer, Peggy
32 LaBounty, Verna Rainbow placemats- 2 Krag, Mary
33 LaBounty, Verna Cool Blue placemats- 2 Dambach, Virginia
34 LaBounty, Verna Splashes of Color table runner Watson, Kae
35 Link, Pat Zipper pouch Oliver, Martha
36 Richardson, Julie Doll nightgown, quilt, slippers Kranzler, Marty
37 Richardson, Julie Doll nightgown, quilt, slippers Gordon, Sandra
38 Richardson, Julie Doll nightgown, quilt, slippers Dambach, Virginia
39 Richardson, Julie Doll nightgown, quilt, slippers Coughlin, Judy
40 Richardson, Muriel Quilted Tile Trivet Richardson, Muriel
41 Schock, Susan Welcome Spring quilt Waxler, Mary Ann
42 Schock, Susan Parasol Pam quilt Wakely, Jean
43 Stenehjem, Kim Falling Leaves quilt Dambach, Virginia
44 Well, Janet Summertime table runner & trivet Bishop, Cathie
45 Zeleznik, Barb Acorn Pin Cushion #1 Zeleznik, Barb
46 Zeleznik, Barb Acorn Pin Cushion #2 Dambach, Virginia



Two poised and talented high schoolers addressed QGND at the March meeting. They have a project to make fidget pillows, which are given to, and appreciated by, people with dementia or stroke.
Astrid and Dyuti giving their presentation
It was great to meet them. To contribute in any way to their project, check out their website here.




The drawing for our 2017 raffle quilt was held Saturday, Nov. 18 at the Historic and Cultural Society of Clay County in Moorhead.

Jim Saueressig of the Fargo area won the large quilt. He is a board member of the HCSCC.

The small quilt will be mailed to Rob Everich in Connecticut.
CONGRATULATIONS to all those who worked hard to make this beautiful quilt, and to those who sold tickets. We sold an amazing 6212 of them!


What is our Guild’s Mission Statement?
“The Guild is formed for the purpose of maintaining an organization for educational, preservational, and eleemosynary objectives: to sponsor and cultivate interest in the appreciation and preservation of patchwork, applique, quilted art, and related needlework; and to promote the exchange of ideas.”

Wow, have I lost you yet?
Most of us don’t know our Mission Statement, and to quote the website NonprofitHub, “By itself, your mission statement doesn’t mean much. It’s just words on a page. But if it is supported by a group of people who care about making a difference in the world, that’s something else. Few things are as powerful as a shared mission.”

Currently, what we have is words on a page.
The Board wants to update our Mission Statement. As it stands now, our Mission Statement is too long; it should have only 10 to 20 words. To write a new mission statement, we have to understand our Guild, and I want to hear from you. This is not just something I am saying, I mean it. I would like to have every member that is reading this article either send me an email, or write me a letter. Let me know your answers to the following 3 questions:
1. Why do you quilt?
2. Why are you a member of this Guild?

3. What do you think the purpose of our Guild is, or what should it be?

If you come to the August meeting, we will be talking about these questions and more. If you do not come to the August meeting, please email me your responses and any other feelings about the Guild
that you want me to know, at or mail me a letter at

Quilters’ Guild of ND

PO Box 2662, Fargo ND 58108.

I would like to have all responses back by September 1. I look forward to hearing from you!
Barb Zeleznik,
Quilters’ Guild of North Dakota

Quilter Tom

Julian Thompson, known to us as Quilter Tom, departed this world June 23 in Moorhead, MN.

While at least 3 other men have joined QGND, Tom was a member for 30 years. He was probably our only member who was a veteran of World War II. (Hjerdis Watson served in the Navy in Korea.)

Displayed at Tom’s funeral
Tom shows his first quilt


A Visit from Dakota Fiber Mill

Our speaker at the February 18 meeting was Chris Armbrust, of Dakota Fiber Mill. On her farm near Kindred, Chris employs second-hand machines to clean, card and spin animal fibers.

She told us how she got into this business, and of future plans to expand into making felt. She brought plenty of samples, which everyone wanted to touch. Some of the fibers she processes are yak, bison, alpaca, lama and sheep. Oh, let’s not forget camel. . .one named Abraham lives on her farm. Chris says he will stand still for 20 minutes while she combs out the soft undercoat.

The sheep, goats and camelids (lama, alpaca) are shorn to harvest their fiber. Chris’s goats are angoras, and their fiber is known as mohair. Angora fiber comes from long-haired Angora rabbits. Like the camel, rabbits are combed, not shorn.

Chris says that school groups come to the farm for tours, and she enjoys showing off her animals. She also brings a few to the annual Fiber Arts Festival in south Fargo, scheduled for August 12, 2017.

Chris’s talk was engaging and educational, even though her computer had technical difficulties, and she wasn’t able to share her Powerpoint presentation. Unfortunately for you if you own a fleece or a fiber animal, Dakota Fiber Mill won’t be able to process it for you–they are not taking any new clients at the moment, and are behind on orders for existing customers. Demand is high for this service, and DFM is the only mill in North or South Dakota.

The crowd was eager to stroke, and purchase, fibers and yarns. Below, some fiber sources.

Bactrian camel
wool from Merino sheep shows a lovely crimp