Pandemic Quilt Instructions

There is still time to contribute to this QGND project. Help us memorialize 2020, even though right now, you may just want to forget it! Create a block about the uncertainties, cancellations (including Metro Quilt Expo!) and losses caused by a new and nasty virus. The plan is to display this quilt at the 2022 Metro Quilt Expo.

Corona by Roz Buck
  • Create a 12 x 12 inch quilt block (includes a 1-inch seam allowance on each side; don’t decorate one inch from each edge).  Finished blocks when sewn together will be 10 x 10 inches.
  • Your block can be pieced, appliqued, embellished, painted, embroidered collaged…as long as it has a 12 x 12 fabric base and can be sewn together.
  •  include a brief description or explanation of the block
  •  Mail your completed block to Bonnie Anderson, 1361 12th St N, Wahpeton, ND 58075.

We need your quilt photos!

There is a new PHOTO GALLERY page on our menu bar. If you click that, you will see some photos from our files. Click on any photo to see it full size. Notice you can pin these to your pinterest page, too.

We’d like to feature your quilts here! A gallery just for Show & Tell can be created. Since we all miss this feature of our meetings, an on-line Show & Tell would help.

Take a photo of your quilt hung on your design wall, or on your bed. Or have someone hold it up for you. Be creative and take the photo in your backyard or in a picturesque spot. Close ups would also be good. Send photos to as an attachment.

Please include your name, any date or other information about the quilt. Tell your friends!

If we have included a quilt that you do NOT want shown, let us know at We can instantly remove it.

Retreat is Cancelled

The quilters’ retreat, scheduled for January 22, has been cancelled. Everyone who paid will get a full refund.

1986 Raffle Quilt

blocks laid out on the floor

Back in 1986, QGND members made 10″ basket quilt blocks for the raffle quilt. Kim Baird set them together with gray alternate blocks, and members hand quilted it in Kim’s living room! Kim had to crawl under the massive quilt frame to get through the living room, until some work was accomplished and the quilt could be rolled, gradually freeing up space.

This experiment was NOT repeated. After that year, the raffle quilts were passed from member to member, who each quilted a section using a large hoop.

Eventually, even that was replaced by long-arm machine quilting.

Some of our members have never seen a quilt pattern like the one we used. You had to add your own seam allowances!

1982 is 38 years ago!

Browsing through files, I came across this article written by Sandy Huseby in 1982. It was published in a magazine put out by Gate City Bank. Neither Sandy, nor the bank, can remember the name of this periodical.

The author interviewed us and took photos at our very first QGND picnic, which was held at the rural home of our third president Judy Ballew, north of Moorhead. Enjoy this blast from our past!

We are Making Quilts of Valor

President Shelley Folkedahl has announced that QGND members are invited to help Quilts of Valor make some quilts.This is a project that can be done in the safety of your own home or members can attend the education class in October where will be sewing the blocks together. We are also accepting fabric donations for this project. Contact Shelley Folkedahl at 701-306-9275.
The blocks are due by the November 21st Holiday Luncheon so we can give them to the local QOV group.

Click here for directions and pattern. A specific design is requested. DO NOT send your blocks to the address listed–get them to a Guild meeting, or mail them to Shelley.

Requesting handmade face masks

Hello – I’m reaching out to sewing groups who may possibly have the means to make handmade face masks for health care workers.

New Perspective is a MN based assisted living company with communities in several states, including one in North Dakota, New Perspective – West Fargo. Any information or masks is so very much appreciated.  We are accepting donations of any amount.  I am the contact person for this effort and can be reached by phone, text and email:  952-270-8653,

Thank you, words cannot express our gratitude!


Teri Larson

Teri Larson

Sr Director of Clinical Services

D 952-270-8653

C 952-270-8653

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5900 Clearwater Drive, Suite 500, Minnetonka MN 55343

Social Distancing 2020 Pandemic Quilt

After reading about a similar project for the Wisconsin Quilt Museum, Bonnie Anderson has suggested the following activity for the Guild and has volunteered to put the blocks together in time to display at the 2021 Metro Quilt Expo.

Bonnie said, “We are all grieving over the loss of our 2020 quilt show. Our family has a wedding scheduled for April 25 that will likely not happen the way it was planned.  Many of us are dealing with so many uncertainties.  Lots of losses are anticipated in many ways.  I think we QGND members could process some of those losses or other feelings in quilt blocks.  Hopefully it won’t all be sad.  It certainly can be beautiful and therapeutic.”

Participant information:

  •  Let’s collaborate on something that can be fun and meaningful with the uncertain times we are experiencing right now. The guild quilt show is cancelled for 2020 but we can still sew and quilt. Let’s make a social distancing Pandemic quilt with blocks from guild members.
  • Create a 12 x 12 inch quilt block (includes a 1-inch seam allowance on each side; don’t decorate one inch from each edge).  Finished blocks when sewn together will be 10 x 10 inches.
  • Your block can be pieced, appliqued, embellished, painted, embroidered collaged…as long as it has a 12 x 12 fabric base and can be sewn together.
  •  Each block will be included in the collaborative quilt that will be displayed at our next Metro Quilt Expo.
  •  Mail your completed block to Bonnie Anderson, 1361 12th St N, Wahpeton, ND 58075.
  • The new deadline will be one month following the next QGND meeting. For example, if we meet in June, the deadline is the July meeting. Do not sign your block but please include your full name and the city and state where you live with the block.

2020 Guild Challenge

Quilters’ Guild of North Dakota 2019-2020 Guild Challenge Quilt

It’s for the Birds!

  • Make a quilt featuring at least one bird. The bird can be your impression of a real bird or an imaginary one.
  • Any shape, any style or technique, one bird or many. Embellished or not.
  • Use at least one square inch of each of the fabrics you’re given.
  • Three layers (back, batting, top), quilted not tied.
  • No projections greater than 0.5 inch.
  • Size parameters: perimeter no smaller than 48” and no greater than 96”.

Fabric/registration form can be picked up at the October meeting or at the Holiday Luncheon in November. If your fabric needs to be mailed to you, send your fee (see below) and registration form to Judith*.

Please fill out the form below and give to Judith Eide.

*Contact info:, or 218 979 1317

Fee: $5 (or $5.70 if you need me to mail the fabric to you.)

Name: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________________ email: ___________________________________

Phone: _________________________________

Address: (if I’m mailing your fabric) ____________________________________________________


Please include cash or check made out to Quilters’ Guild of North Dakota