Involvement with the Hjemkomst Center

Involvement with the Hjemkomst Center

How many quilt exhibits have appeared at the Heritage Hjemkomst Ingerpretive Center in Moorhead since they opened? I can count at least 10.

In fact, the very first temporary exhibit at the new facility was a show of quilts put together by member of QGND! Red River Quilts ran June 13 to September 14, 1986. It was composed of antique quilts belonging to our members. It came into existence because of a fluke: the contractors finished the building early. (Unheard of!) No exhibits had been scheduled for that first summer, since no exhibit space was expected to be available. Director Elizabeth Hannaher asked us for help, and we were glad to oblige.

Our Guild was responsible for another show, which featured vintage quilts paired with newly made interpretations. Can’t remember the title, or the dates. In 1992 0r 1993, QGND helped bring Quilts: A Window to the Past, which debuted at the (now defunct) Museum of American Textile History in Massachusetts. The 22 quilts, all from the collection of Victoria Hoffman, ranged in date from 1835 to 1986. I have the published catalog, which contains some excellect historical information about quilts and their place in society.

Over the years, sections of Quilt National have graced us with their presence at least 5 times: the shows from 2007, 2009, 2013, 2015 and 2019. We generally got them a year or two later, as they travelled the country.

A Century of Quilts was the travelling exhibit assembled in honor of North Dakota’s Centennial of statehood. It was the culmination of a massive volunteer project which cataloged and photographed 3500 quilts made before 1976. That, too, found a home at the Hjemkomst Center.

It feels like I’ve forgotten at least one. If you know what is missing, use the contact us feature or comment on our faceboook page. Kim Baird