The versatile 9-patch block

The versatile 9-patch block

How many variations can there be on the simple 9-patch? You probably recognize a lot of them, but there are always more.

At the Fiber Arts Festival (July 31 & August 1) QGND will have a table for people to design their own variation. No sewing is involved! Bits of fabric can be glued on a paper grid. Easy and fun, but endlessly fascinating.

You can help introduce young people to the joys of patchwork by spending a 2-hour shift at our booth. All the hard work has been done, you just supervise, answer questions and encourage exploration. To choose your shift, contact Susanne Silbernagel, or 701-540-8960.

While you are there, browse the 19 vendors, watch demonstrations such as pine needle baskets and crazy quilting, or weave a bit on a small loom. Bring friends and family, they will love it.

All the action is at the Red River Fairgrounds in West Fargo, in the air-conditioned Hartl Building. Free admission, free parking. Enjoy some time with other people who love playing with fabric and yarn. Click here for Festival website.