Letter to the Editor

from Virginia Dambach, long-time QGND member, former President, former Education Chair, and several-time Board member

I am concerned about the Board discussion questioning QGND support for Quilt National because of its POLITICAL AGENDA…Here is the section of the October 12 board minutes:

I can find nothing political in either the mission or values statements from the Dairy Barn who founded Quilt National, nor from the show’s mission statement itself:

Founded in 1979, Quilt National was intended to demonstrate the transformations taking place in the world of quilting. Its purpose was then, and still is, to carry the definition of quilting far beyond its traditional parameters and to promote quiltmaking as what it always has been — an art form.

“The works in a Quilt National exhibit display a reverence for the lessons taught by the makers of the heritage quilts. Many of the works hold fast to the traditional methods of piecing and patching. At the same time, however, the Quilt National artist is intrigued by the challenge of expanding the boundaries of traditional quiltmaking by utilizing the newest materials and technologies. These innovative works generate strong emotional responses in the viewer while at the same time fulfilling the creative need of the artist to make a totally individual statement.”

That many artists – from every media – choose to make political and societal statements through their artwork is well known, and respected. Sometimes those pieces aren’t comfortable to view, but they make us think and reflect. That is one of the purposes of art. That Quilt National does not censor artists is a good thing. Does anyone but me remember the national furor when John Shannon’s Dia De Los Muertos quilt was juried into the AQS show, exhibited, and then removed because it was “offensive” to some?

Quilt National is a NATIONALLY respected exhibit and I am proud that the Guild consistently supports the touring exhibit so that people in our area, along with quilters, can see it. Funding Quilt National furthers our mission, and I can’t think of a more meaningful way to support our mission than by helping the Hjemkomst Center bring it to the FM area every other year.

Virginia M. Dambach, Guild Member