Social Distancing 2020 Pandemic Quilt

After reading about a similar project for the Wisconsin Quilt Museum, Bonnie Anderson has suggested the following activity for the Guild and has volunteered to put the blocks together in time to display at the 2021 Metro Quilt Expo.

Bonnie said, “We are all grieving over the loss of our 2020 quilt show. Our family has a wedding scheduled for April 25 that will likely not happen the way it was planned.  Many of us are dealing with so many uncertainties.  Lots of losses are anticipated in many ways.  I think we QGND members could process some of those losses or other feelings in quilt blocks.  Hopefully it won’t all be sad.  It certainly can be beautiful and therapeutic.”

Participant information:

  •  Let’s collaborate on something that can be fun and meaningful with the uncertain times we are experiencing right now. The guild quilt show is cancelled for 2020 but we can still sew and quilt. Let’s make a social distancing Pandemic quilt with blocks from guild members.
  • Create a 12 x 12 inch quilt block (includes a 1-inch seam allowance on each side; don’t decorate one inch from each edge).  Finished blocks when sewn together will be 10 x 10 inches.
  • Your block can be pieced, appliqued, embellished, painted, embroidered collaged…as long as it has a 12 x 12 fabric base and can be sewn together.
  •  Each block will be included in the collaborative quilt that will be displayed at our next Metro Quilt Expo.
  •  Mail your completed block to Bonnie Anderson, 1361 12th St N, Wahpeton, ND 58075.
  • The new deadline will be one month following the next QGND meeting. For example, if we meet in June, the deadline is the July meeting. Do not sign your block but please include your full name and the city and state where you live with the block.