Looking Back

30 years ago, in September of 1987,  Clare Johnson (now Degerness) was president of the guild. In our newsletter, Mary Ann Waxler’s Sunbonnet Chain Gang cartoon first appeared. It has since been copied world wide, and many small quilts have been made in that design. None of them give credit to the original, unfortunately!

Our meetings were held in the West Acres Community Room, on the lower level. That’s where the Indian Summer Quilt Show also took place, on September 11 & 12 that year.

And we were already doing charity work, too: Char Smith announced that quilts would be made for youngsters at Friendship Village. A workshop was scheduled to make Trip Around the World tops, then tie them.

In the newsletter was this shocking headline:

1987 INDIAN SUMMER QUILT SHOW TO BE THE LAST!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The above headline would be true if enough volunteers are not found to staff this year’s show.

As they say in France, plus ca change, plus c’est the meme chose.