What is our Guild’s Mission Statement?
“The Guild is formed for the purpose of maintaining an organization for educational, preservational, and eleemosynary objectives: to sponsor and cultivate interest in the appreciation and preservation of patchwork, applique, quilted art, and related needlework; and to promote the exchange of ideas.”

Wow, have I lost you yet?
Most of us don’t know our Mission Statement, and to quote the website NonprofitHub, “By itself, your mission statement doesn’t mean much. It’s just words on a page. But if it is supported by a group of people who care about making a difference in the world, that’s something else. Few things are as powerful as a shared mission.”

Currently, what we have is words on a page.
The Board wants to update our Mission Statement. As it stands now, our Mission Statement is too long; it should have only 10 to 20 words. To write a new mission statement, we have to understand our Guild, and I want to hear from you. This is not just something I am saying, I mean it. I would like to have every member that is reading this article either send me an email, or write me a letter. Let me know your answers to the following 3 questions:
1. Why do you quilt?
2. Why are you a member of this Guild?

3. What do you think the purpose of our Guild is, or what should it be?

If you come to the August meeting, we will be talking about these questions and more. If you do not come to the August meeting, please email me your responses and any other feelings about the Guild
that you want me to know, at bazeleznik@gmail.com or mail me a letter at

Quilters’ Guild of ND

PO Box 2662, Fargo ND 58108.

I would like to have all responses back by September 1. I look forward to hearing from you!
Barb Zeleznik,
Quilters’ Guild of North Dakota