ND quilters take prizes at MN Quilters show

Here is a partial list of winners from the 2017 Minnesota Quilters Show in Duluth. QGND members are shown in bold.

Applique Large One Person
First: Esfahan, by Megan Farkas
Second: Spring Song, by Barbara Clem
Third: William Morris, by Polly North
HM: Morning Glory, by Connie Rodman

Applique Large Two Person
First: Guns N’ Roses, by Karen Brandt
Second: Sarah’s Revival in Blue, by Gail Smith
Third: Forever Blooming, by Karen Boe

First: Bauble, by Ashley DelaBarre
Second: Transition, by Brenda Lyseng
Third: Nod to the Seventies, by Debra Volkman
HM: Stalagmite, by Kristin Lawson

Pieced Large Two Person                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           First: Cardinal Points, by Gail Stepanek                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Second: Diamond Effervescence, by Beth Nufer (quilted by Clem Buzick)
Third: Japanese Fans, by Marilla Schmitt
HM: Rainbow Renegade, by Janet Knapp
HM: Etoile, by Serena Vrnak

Pieced Small
First:  I Love Lucy, Too!, by Maribeth Schmit
Second: 30 Something, by Cheryl See
Third: Bristlecone, by Johnne Winter
HM: Grandma’s Doilies, by Debra Mohr