The Mary Mulari Show

QGND members and others were treated to a fast-paced, idea-filled, 3-hour trunk show on April 1. Mary Mulari has published many books and patterns, and she showed samples from each of them. Ideas for applique, aprons, bags, ponchos, wraps, T-shirt quilts and more whizzed by, along with advice and encouragement.

One important point made by Mary was that, when you plan to embellish a shirt, sweatshirt, or any wearable, TRY IT ON first, and mark any strategic areas.

This special event was sponsored jointly by the Quilters’ Guild of North Dakota and Rae Bon Sew & Quilt Shop, Fargo. 68 people attended.

After the presentation, Rae Bon had a pop-up shop so we could buy the books, patterns and tools from a little shopping list provided.